Forums 2013

Tentative HRU 2013 Forums as of December 11, 2012 – actual forum schedule to be announced shortly

Time Room Forum Moderator
9:00 AM A Intro to Scanning Phil Lichtenberger W2LIE
9:00 AM B ARRL Forum NYC/LI Mike Lisenco N2YBB
9:00 AM C QRP low power fun John Meade W2XS
9:00 AM D Transmitter Hunting Larry Berger WA2SUH, Andy Kirschenbaum WA2CDL
9:00 AM E Intro to Software Defined Radios Overview Kevin Morgan AB2ZI
10:00 AM A Advanced Scanner Forum – NEW Phil Lichtenberger W2LIE
10:00 AM B NLI EmComm Jim Mezey W2KFV, Mike Corey KI1U
10:00 AM C Intro to DXing (propagation, history, techniques) John Reiser W2GW, Ed Whitman K2MFY of LIDXA
10:00 AM D Six Meters during Cycle 24 Ken Neubeck WB2AMU
10:00 AM E Echolink / VOIP – NEW Jon Taylor K1RFD
10:00 AM G WORKSHOP – Connectors how to use and where do they go – NEW Richie Cetron K2KNB
11:00 AM A Remote Station Operating using Elecraft K3 and K0 Rick Bressler K2RB
11:00 AM B The National Traffic System in NYC/LI Mike Patino N2BMU, Jim Kettyle KC2LEB
11:00 AM C Azores Nine Island Hunt – the other side of the pileup – NEW George Tranos N2GA
11:00 AM D Working Satellites with your HT Pete Portanova WB2OQQ
11:00 AM E Intro to D-Star Randy Gutentag WA2RMZ
12:00 Noon E Keynote Speaker Bill Cross W3TN
1:30 PM A Antenna Basics Walter Wenzel KA2RGI
1:30 PM B Telefunken – Long Island Wireless History Connie Currie
1:30 PM C Contesting with the N1MM Logger Mel Granick KS2G
1:30 PM D Emergency Power for home Jeff Schneller N2HPO
1:30 PM E Advanced D-Star – as easy as pi – raspberry pi – NEW Gary Lindtner KB2BSL
1:30 PM F VE Session GSBARC / NLI VE team – liaison Bob Myers K2TV
1:30 PM G WORKSHOP – Digital Interfacing – NEW Neil Heft KC2KY
2:30 PM A LINUX and Ham Radio – NEW Long Island LINUX Group
2:30 PM B Young Ham Forum Lew Malchick N2RQ
2:30 PM C Tips, Tricks and Techniques of the best operators – NEW Diane Ortiz K2DO
2:30 PM D Grounding for the Ham Station Don Kane WB2BEZ
2:30 PM E IRLP Press Waterman W2PW