Forums 2015

HRU 2015 Forums as of December 28, 2014
NOTE – these forums are all tentative and subject to acceptance by the moderator and approval of the HRU committee.

Time Room Forum Moderator
9:00 AM A MESH Networks Jeff Garruba KC2ZQO, Bill Burns AC2IS
9:00 AMM B ARRL Forum NYC/LI Jim Mezey W2KFV
9:00 AM C Intro to DXing (propagation, history, techniques) John Reiser W2GW, Ed Whitman K2MFY of LIDXA
9:00 AM D Transmitter Hunting Larry Berger WA2SUH, Andy Kirschenbaum WA2CDL
9:00 AM E Intro to Scanning Phil Lichtenberger W2LIE
9:00 AM F Ham APs for mobile devices – NEW Diane Ortiz K2DO
9:00 AM G QRP low power fun John Meade W2XS
10:00 AM B NLI EmComm Jim Mezey W2KFV
10:00 AM C Advanced DXing John Reiser W2GW, Ed Whitman K2MFY of LIDXA, Bill Hudzik W2UDT
10:00 AM D Building your first ham station – NEW – a guide on setting up your HF station whether you live on a large or small lot. Discussion on what radio and antenna system you should consider, taking into account your time and money allocated to the hobby. There will be Q & A discussion at the end. Phil Lewis N2MUN
10:00 AM E Advanced Scanner Forum Phil Lichtenberger W2LIE
10:00 AM G Antenna Modeling – NEW Edward Newman W2EMN
10:00 AM H WORKSHOP – Connectors how to use and where do they go – PreRegistration REQ Materials for the Connectors workshop donated from the Norm Wesler K2YEW Education Fund administered by LIMARC Richie Cetron K2KNB
11:00 AM A Basic IRLP – NEW Preston Waterman W2PW
11:00 AM B The National Traffic System in NYC/LI Jim Kettyle KC2LEB
11:00 AM C Remote Station Operating using Elecraft K3 and K0 Rick Bressler K2RB
11:00 AM D Young Ham Forum Lew Malchick N2RQ
11:00 AM E Working Satellites with your HT Pete Portanova W2JV
11:00 AM G Nikola Tesla and the Wardenclyffe laboratory – NEW – a snapshot of the current state of the laboratory in Shoreham and the future plans of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe to renovate the 16 acre site. Richard Gearns – Board Member, Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe
12:00 Noon E Keynote Speaker – from ARRL Headquarters, Emergency Preparedness Manager Mike Corey will speak about the role of Emergency Communications today in Amateur Radio. Mike Corey KI1U
1:30 PM A Intro to D-Star Preston Waterman W2PW
1:30 PM B Six Meters during Cycle 24 – a review of the progress on Six Meters during the past two decades and what can be expected going forward with attention paid to the solar cycle projections. Ken Neubeck WB2AMU
1:30 PM C Contesting – all your questions answered Mel Granick KS2G
1:30 PM D Emergency Power for home Jeff Schneller N2HPO
1:30 PM E Antenna Basics Walter Wenzel KA2RGI
1:30 PM F VE Session Bob Myers K2TV and VE Team
1:30 PM G LINUX – NEW Matt Newhall
1:30 PM H WORKSHOP – Fun with CW – PreRegistration REQ Fun with CW is an entertaining look at Morse Code. The highlight of the meeting will be a “QLF” contest, using a giant key constructed by Frank Kiefer, K2PWG. There will be a certificate for the best “Footsender”. Free CD’s will be available with a variety of popular shareware and freeware programs designed to help you learn code or improve your code proficiency. If time permits, we will demonstrate some these programs at the forum. Whether you are an experienced CW operator or are brand new to CW, we think you will find this workshop fun and entertaining. Neil Heft KC2KY
2:30 PM A Advanced D-Star Randy Gutentag WA2RMZ, Scott Weis KB2EAR
2:30 PM B Grounding for the Ham Station – This seminar will present an overview of grounding and bonding, as applied to the typical amateur radio installation, with regard to power, lightning protection and RF (antenna) grounding, especially with regard to compliance with 2014 National Electrical Code requirements. Don Kane WB2BEZ
2:30 PM C Tips, Tricks and Techniques of the best operators – an interactive forum that answers your questions and provides solid advice about ham radio operating. Bring your questions and your best tips with you! George Tranos N2GA
2:30 PM E Small HF Loop Antennas – NEW Mike Kozma WY2U
2:30 PM F VE Session (continued) Bob Myers K2TV and VE Team
2:30 PM G LINUX for Ham Radio – NEW Neil Goldstein W2NDG