"A day of education to share ideas, experiences,
knowledge and fellowship among Amateur Radio operators"

HRU 2021 Chairman
Tom Carrubba KA2D

HRU Founder and Honorary Chairman
Phil Lewis N2MUN (sk)

Past Chairmen
Tom Carrubba KA2D 2011-present
Neil Heft KC2KY 2007-2010
George Tranos N2GA 2003-2006
Phil Lewis N2MUN (sk) 2000-2002

HRU 2021 Committee
Tom Carrubba KA2D
Gary Lindtner KB2BSL
Diane Ortiz K2DO
Mel Granick KS2G
George Tranos N2GA
Richie Cetron K2KNB
Neil Heft KC2KY
Dennis Boyé AH2O
Mike Lisenco N2YBB
Jerry Abrams WB2ZEX

HRU 2021 Welcome Team
Kerry Fastenau KC2QXI
Jaci Fastenau KD2ENX
Art Altarac WA2KXE
Donna Reinhart KA2KZT
Adele Portanova WB2OQQ

ARRL New York City / Long Island
Section Convention

Jim Mezey W2KFV, Section Manager

Sponsoring Clubs
Ham Radio University ARC
Radio Central ARC
LIU / Post Radio Station WCWP

Participating Clubs & Organizations
Participating Clubs & Organizations

Our 22nd annual event!

January 9, 2021

A virtual event!
Please REGISTER for each webinar using the link on our Forums page.

We will be using GoToWebinar - there is an attendee guide at GotoWebinar Attendee Guide.

Spreading Ham Radio Knowledge and Know How
"A day of education to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and fellowship among Amateur Radio operators"

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HRU 2010 on YouTube

Please contact us at info@HamRadioUniversity.org for further info.

Next HRU Committee Meeting:
Tuesday, November 24, 8 pm to be held virtually
NEW for 2021
It is with deepest regret that we report the passing of HRU Founder Phil Lewis N2MUN who passed away suddenly on Thursday, March 5, 2020. He will be sorely missed.

See HRU Photos here!

HRU 2020 is now history!
The HRU Committee thanks everyone who helped out in the planning and running of the event.
Special thanks go out to the forum moderators without whom the event would not have happened! Another big thank you to our keynote speaker, Kris Bickell, K1BIC! For more information about HRU 2020,
please see the HRU 2020 Historical Information