Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HRU?
A day of education to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and fellowship among Amateur Radio

2. What can I do at HRU?
You can attend one of many forums about Amateur Radio. Check our forum schedule for more information. You can also find out about many different Amateur Radio organizations and clubs and even join one! You can see a demonstration of various radio modes such as signal sideband voice, morse code or digital modes in our demo room. You can operate our special event station and make contact with other hams around the country or around the world. You can listen to our keynote speaker. You can take any level amateur Radio license exam given in our volunteer exam session. You can help out with set up or take down, as a forum moderator or be part of the HRU staff. There is no shortage of things to do at HRU!

3. How do I find out what forums I might want to attend?
Forums are the heart of HRU. The HRU planning committee spends much of its time discussing forum topics and moderators. We try to address the hot topics of the day as well as obtain the best moderators. Forum moderators are volunteers and do not get paid for speaking at HRU. They do it for the love of the hobby and to share their knowledge with other hams. As such, it is sometimes difficult and time consuming to get someone to commit as a moderator. You can check our forum schedule to find out what forums are planned. Be aware that the forum schedule will be in flux until the moderator commits to give the forum. The HRU committee will do its part to give you as much advanced notice as possible so that you can plan your day. We thank you for your understanding. Please contact us if you’d like to suggest a forum and possible moderator.