Forums 2018

HRU 2018 Forums as of January 4, 2018
NOTE – these are the forums tentatively scheduled for HRU 2018.

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Time Room Forum Description Moderator
8:30 AM A Newcomer’s meeting and HRU Orientation – NEW – geared towards HRU first-timers with an overview of HRU, what to see and do. This year, the forum will be expanded to help orient you to our new venue at LIU Post. Diane Ortiz K2DO
9:00 AM A Working Satellites with your HT Pete Portanova W2JV
9:00 AM B Antenna Modeling Edward Newman W2EMN
9:00 AM C Intro to Scanning Phil Lichtenberger W2LIE
9:00 AM D Contesting For Newcomers and Non-Contesters Mel Granick KS2G
9:00 AM E Transmitter Hunting – CANCELED! Larry Berger WA2SUH, Andy Kirschenbaum WA2CDL
9:00 AM F Introductory guide to VHF/UHF operating Bill Fastenau WB2QGZ
9:00 AM G Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) – Army MARS and the Amateur Radio Community John Smale K2IZ (AAR2GI) and Bob Jordan KD2BQM (AAA2R9)
10:00 AM A ARRL Forum NYC/LI – meet with ARRL NYC/LI Section Manager Jim Mezey and ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco Jim Mezey W2KFV, Mike Lisenco N2YBB
10:00 AM B Building your first ham station – a guide on setting up your HF station whether you live on a large or small lot. Discussion on what radio and antenna system you should consider, taking into account your time and money allocated to the hobby. There will be Q & A discussion at the end. Phil Lewis N2MUN
10:00 AM C Advanced Scanning Phil Lichtenberger W2LIE
10:00 AM D Intro to DXing (history, techniques) John Reiser W2GW, Ed Whitman K2MFY of LIDXA
10:00 AM E YL Forum – Young Ladies forum for women amateur radio operators – NEW Diane Ortiz K2DO, Caryn Eve Murray KD2GUT
10:00 AM F DMR and D-Star – NEW Preston Waterman W2PW
10:00 AM G WORKSHOP – Cable Theory and RF Connectors – PreRegistration REQ on day of event Materials for the Connectors workshop donated from the Norm Wesler K2YEW Education Fund administered by LIMARC Richie Cetron K2KNB
11:00 AM A NLI EmComm Jim Mezey W2KFV
11:00 AM B Basics of HF operating – Two seasoned DX and contest operators guide you through the HF bands, modes, propagation, on-air procedures, and using rig controls to get the most out of your HF transceiver. Phil Lewis N2MUN, Mel Granick KS2G
11:00 AM C Operating remote using the newest techniques for any type of operation. Dxing, contesting and just casual operation away from your station. Rick Bressler K2RB
11:00 AM D Advanced DXing (propagation, QSLing) John Reiser W2GW, Ed Whitman K2MFY of LIDXA
11:00 AM E QRP low power fun John Meade W2XS
11:00 AM F Radio Broadcasting at the LIU Post Radio Station WCWP – NEW Dan Cox
11:00 AM G WORKSHOP – Ethernet Connectors – PreRegistration REQ on day of event Materials for the Connectors workshop donated from the Norm Wesler K2YEW Education Fund administered by LIMARC Richie Cetron K2KNB, Craig Ross KD2CXK
12:00 Noon A Keynote Speaker – ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco N2YBB Mike Lisenco N2YBB
1:30 PM A New Digital Modes Neil Goldstein W2NDG
1:30 PM B Safety in the ham shack Don Kane WB2BEZ
1:30 PM C Using Ham Apps and Social Media Diane Ortiz K2DO, Mel Granick KS2G
1:30 PM D Magnetic Loop Antenna Design – NEW This presentation discusses the design, build and test of a second generation Magnetic Loop antenna, that covers 40 through 15 Meters. Design equations are given, as well as component selection and limitations. An excel spreadsheet is also presented that automates the design process. Mike Kozma WY2U
1:30 PM E VE Session – all levels of Amateur Radio license exams – NOTE: This is an accredited ARRL VEC session and there is a $15 fee to take an exam. No preregistration is required. Walk-in and take an exam. Bob Myers K2TV and VE Team
1:30 PM F Software Defined Radios for HF Ria Jairam N2RJ
1:30 PM G Computer-Based Test Instruments you can Get for Free and Use in Your Ham Shack. You probably already own the hardware. We will be zeroing in on three in particular: Soundcard Scope, a dual-trace scope and signal generator combo, Spectrogram, a simple but useful audio spectrum analyzer, and Spectrum Lab, a feature-packed ham-friendly spectrum analyzer, developed for hams and by hams led by Wolfgang Buescher, DL4YHF Neil Heft KC2KY
2:30 PM A Six Meters – Propagation Modes that can be experienced during the VHF contests – a review of the progress on Six Meters during the past two decades and what can be expected going forward with attention paid to the solar cycle projections. Ken Neubeck WB2AMU
2:30 PM B Grounding for the Ham Station – This seminar will present an overview of grounding and bonding, as applied to the typical amateur radio installation, with regard to power, lightning protection and RF (antenna) grounding, especially with regard to compliance with 2014 National Electrical Code requirements. Don Kane WB2BEZ
2:30 PM C Tips, Tricks and Techniques of the best operators – an interactive forum that answers your questions and provides solid advice about ham radio operating. Bring your questions and your best tips with you! George Tranos N2GA
2:30 PM D Amateur Radio RFI Mitigation strategies Ron Milione W2TAP
2:30 PM E VE Session (continued) Bob Myers K2TV and VE Team
2:30 PM F The National Traffic System in NYC/LI Gerard Pilate N2WGF
2:30 PM G Fun with CW – Fun with CW is an entertaining look at Morse Code. Topics will include code practice software, over-the-air CW clubs and activities, and some amusing Morse code keys. Even of you don’t know Morse Code and have never operated CW, we think you will find this forum fun and entertaining. Neil Heft KC2KY